Building long term relationships with our clients must be under pinned by a set of values that are straightforward, but stand the test of time. These values determine the way we work with our clients and so it is important for us to share them:

Montgomery Values
  • To treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Hopefully we've all had stand out experiences where others have gone above and beyond, on our behalf, to deliver something that's extremely important to us. That's how we want our clients and their families to feel about spending time with the Montgomery team
  • We love to work with like-minded people, who are positive and motivated about building a solid financial future for themselves and their loved ones. We believe in being open and realistic with our clients, so that nothing is hidden
  • Our language will be clear, and whether it's spoken or written we will aim to make complex subjects straightforward
  • As an FCA authorised business we are not part of a large network or a bigger company. Although it is more complicated for us as a business, we felt it important so we are not governed by other interests and can act independently to secure the best outcomes for our clients
  • We do what we love to do - helping others achieve their financial planning aspirations so that they can do what they love too