Our investment beliefs

1. We only recommend funds and portfolios from organisations that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

2. We believe that our clients should invest in line with their attitude to risk and capacity for loss

3. Our natural default position is one of caution, and we tend to be quite conservative when we recommend where our clients invest to preserve their assets for the longer term

4. We feel that having respect for our environment, and concern for the impact our investments have from a social and governance perspective, is the mindset for many of our clients - it is therefore reflected as an option in the range of investment solutions available to our investors

5. We believe that over time, active fund management delivers improved results for our clients

6. Whilst overall cost is part of our selection criteria for funds and portfolios, we believe that better fund performance and risk control will outweigh higher charges, within reason

7. For our clients who are more cost conscious, we have a good range of Passive fund options

8. We firmly believe that our clients needs and Estate Planning objectives are served best by time in the markets, not timing the markets

9. We only work with investment professionals who have a strong track record, with experienced research teams, and are subject to ongoing reviews and due diligence by external and independent parties

10. Our investment solutions are chosen to allow for prompt changes as a result of market fluctuations, to keep portfolios aligned to our clients needs, and within their risk tolerances