The Consumer Duty Alliance

As an Associate Member of the Consumer Duty Alliance we wanted to share with you what this means in principle to our clients. There is a code of Professional Standards which has seven underlying principles of professional advice that are designed to help consumers understand the standards and behaviours they should expect from an Alliance Member. We have made available a Consumer Guide (click the Download link) which will give you more information on the Alliance and how it impacts on you.

Members of the Consumer Duty Alliance shall:

1. Act in good faith in all dealings with clients.
2. Always avoid causing foreseeable harm to clients.
3. Inform, empower and support clients to pursue their financial needs,
objectives and aspirations.
4. Fully disclose, clearly explain and consciously mitigate any conflicts
of interest identified in our dealings with clients, including where
commercial interests might conflict with a client's best interests.
5. Only offer products or services that are both suitable and needed,
offering fair value and transparent pricing.
6. Ensure clients receive the support they need, when they need it.
7. Embrace a focus on customer vulnerability including adherence to the Consumer Charter of the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce.

You should always feel empowered to make informed decisions, and
never feel reluctant to ask questions or request more time if you're

Before proceeding, always take time to consider recommendations or
seek an alternative opinion, even if from family and friends. Professional
advisers will always want you to be confident in the advice given and
recommendations made.