Our Service Charter is designed exclusively for those clients who retain us to look after and maintain their personalised financial plan. Our ongoing support is proactive and aims to keep you informed using a range of different approaches which we have carefully designed. Below is an overview of our service commitments and how they help you.

Maintenance of your Bespoke Financial Plan To reflect all aspects of your needs and objectives covering estate planning and including inter-generational planning (if appropriate) and other financial objectives.
Management of your investment portfolio Peace of mind that you have the most appropriate investment solutions for your needs and in line with your attitude to risk
Annual Planning review meeting Dedicated and focused time to review, check and adjust your plan so that it meets your objectives.
Access to your Financial Adviser and support team Direct personal relationships providing continuity for you and your family.
Secure access to a market leading online portal for valuations, documents and secure messaging Reassurance that your information is safe and secure with 24/7 access to valuations and documents.
Topical and relevant updates Keeping you informed of current affairs affecting your estate and a view on investment markets
Tax year end reminders To inform you on how to take advantage of available allowances and tax saving opportunities
Zoom support groups Invitations to virtual meetings about topical subjects affecting estate planning